Bonial Services Connect

Version: 1

How to listen to Connect’s events?

Bonial Connect triggers all events on document.

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Listen on document
Bonial events

How to catch events?

Events triggered on document

You have three options to subscribe - all events, single category or specific action.
Insert the code to your page before closing body tag.

  1. document.addEventListener("Bonial.All.Events", function (event, data) {
  2.     var data = event.detail;
  3.     console.log("All data = ", JSON.stringify(data));
  4. }, false);

  1. document.addEventListener("Bonial.Events.BrochureView", function (event, data) {
  2.     var data = event.detail;
  3.     //...
  4. });

  1. document.addEventListener("Bonial.Events.Actions.PageTurn", function (event, data) {
  2.     var data = event.detail;
  3.     //...
  4. });

Event Data

Event Data object has the following structure: {category, action, label, value, dimensions}

Example of Event Data:

  1. {
  2.   "category": "BrochureView",
  3.   "action": "Open",
  4.   "label": "Das Leben ist ein Wunschkonzert!(646864533)",
  5.   "value": 1,
  6.   "dimensions": {
  7.     "store": "166413982",
  8.     "address": "Berlin, Grunerstraße",
  9.     "coords": "52.519901275634766, 13.414794921875",
  10.     "retailerId": "209835338",
  11.     "brochure": "Das Leben ist ein Wunschkonzert!(646864533)"
  12.   }
  13. }

Tracking metrics table (beta version)

BrochureTitle = ${Brochure Title} (${Brochure Id})
BrochureTitlePage = ${Brochure Title} (${Brochure Id})&Page

Category Action Label Value Description
Menu Store Map Open BrochureTitle Open Store Map page
Store Map Close BrochureTitle Close Store Map page
Print BrochureTitle Click Print popup
More Offers BrochureTitle Click More Offers
Back To Shelf BrochureTitle Back To Shelf Button
Enable FullScreen BrochureTitle Enable FullScreen
Disable FullScreen BrochureTitle Disable FullScreen
ProgressBar Click BrochureTitle Click On Progress Bar (not Preview)
BrochureView Open BrochureTitle Open Brochure
Close BrochureTitlePage Close Brochure
PagesViewedRatio BrochureTitle Total Viewed Pages Percentage Percentage of viewed pages per all pages
Zoom BrochureTitlePage Zoom action
PageTurn BrochureTitlePage Turn the page (arrows, keyboard, via preview, via search navigation)
Time spent on Brochure Time spent in Milliseconds Total time spent in Milliseconds
OpenProduct ${Brochure Title} (${Brochure Id}) URL to open Click on product video
OpenLinkout ${Brochure Title} (${Brochure Id}) Video URL Open Linkout page
ChangeLocation Address text representation ${lat}, ${lng} Change Location (both Shelf and BV)
Search Shelf Search query Search applied on the Shelf
Brochure Search BrochureTitle query Search applied on the BV
Search Empty Result query Unsuccessful search (with empty result list returned)

Tracking dimensions table (beta version)

Index Custom Dimension Name
1 RetailerId
2 store
3 address
4 coords
5 brochures